Writing prose can improve your programs and make you a more valuable asset.

Programming rests firmly on the foundation of math and logic. Writing is bound by an inconsistent and evolving set of rules. The electronic mind of the machine is coldly unforgiving when executing a buggy program, while essays riddled with problems are published constantly without any major issues.

Superficially, these two…

There may be a lot of low-hanging fruit 🥝 affecting performance in areas you might not track very closely…but are still very important.

Airbnb has some incredible listings in Cuba…and also a corner of the office inspired by Habana Vieja

We have been hard at work migrating the airbnb.com core booking flow into a single-page server-rendered app using React Router and Hypernova. At the beginning of the year, we rolled this out for the landing page and search results with good success. …

Joe Lencioni

Web infrastructure at @airbnb. Making web since the 90s. Co-created happo.io. he/him Minnesotan, liberal, dad. Follow @lencioni on Twitter.

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